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Vila do Divino House

Bairro João Vieira

House located in an prime residential neighborhood of Trancoso (Neighborhood João Vieira), very close to the center (the “Quadrado”) and the Coqueiros Beach, with very diverse generous spaces, brightly decorated, very rich and imaginative, providing a…

2,624 m2 7 Beds 7 Baths



Santa Rita House

Itapororoca, Praia

Located on the beach of Itapororoca, this house is composed of several bungalows scattered in the garden where are distributed suites and various social areas. All the spaces breathe the air of the beach and garden…

n/a 5 Beds 6 Baths



House Cipó

Itapororoca, Praia

House located in the Condominium Itapororoca, surrounded by lots of nature and facing a beautiful beach. This house, all made of noble materials, has several environments, from the intimate areas to the living spaces, in a…

n/a 4 Beds 5 Baths


Rent, Sale

House Alto do Segredo

Altos do Segredo

House located in the Altos do Segredo in Trancoso, near Nativos Beach and Rio da Barra Beach. This house is very wideand is composed of three modules, each having three suites and is surrounded by a…

10,000 m2 9 Beds 10 Baths



Golf 17 House


House located in the Condominium Terravista, benefiting from its formidable infrastructure and the various services available to property owners, in addition to the proximity of the beautiful Rio da Barra beach. This house occupies a privileged…

n/a 5 Beds 6 Baths

Farm House Rio da Barra


House located in the beautiful condominium of Rio da Barra, built on a rubber farm and atlantic forest. In addition to this surrounding nature, this house is facing the beach of Rio da Barra, offering a…

n/a 4 Beds 5 Baths

Villa 21


Located on Nativos Beach, near the center (the “Quadrado”), built on an area of 40,000 square meters and with a front of 150 meters to the beach, this house provides various environments that allow enjoy different…

40,000 m2 12 Beds 12 Baths


Rent, Sale

Altos de Trancoso House

Altos de Trancoso

House located near Trancoso Historic Centre (the “Quadrado”) and the Coqueiros Beach, with many rooms facing the garden and pool, decorated with simple and harmonious elements that create an atmosphere of peace and joy. Description: 6…

5,000 m2 6 Beds 7 Baths


Rent, Sale

Aracê House


House located in Center, next to the Quadrado and a few steps from Coqueiros Beach and Nativos Beach. This house is located near the church of Trancoso, in the middle of native trees, with a magnificent…

n/a 5 Beds 8 Baths
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