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Vila do Divino House

Bairro João Vieira

House located in an prime residential neighborhood of Trancoso (Neighborhood João Vieira), very close to the center (the “Quadrado”) and the Coqueiros Beach, with very diverse generous spaces, brightly decorated, very rich and imaginative, providing a…

2,624 m2 7 Beds 7 Baths


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House Alto do Segredo

Altos do Segredo

House located in the Altos do Segredo in Trancoso, near Nativos Beach and Rio da Barra Beach. This house is very wideand is composed of three modules, each having three suites and is surrounded by a…

10,000 m2 9 Beds 10 Baths

Villa 21


Located on Nativos Beach, near the center (the “Quadrado”), built on an area of 40,000 square meters and with a front of 150 meters to the beach, this house provides various environments that allow enjoy different…

40,000 m2 12 Beds 12 Baths


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Aracê House


House located in Center, next to the Quadrado and a few steps from Coqueiros Beach and Nativos Beach. This house is located near the church of Trancoso, in the middle of native trees, with a magnificent…

n/a 5 Beds 8 Baths


Rent, Sale

Casa Divino Quadrado


House located in the best area of the Quadrado square, next to its beautiful Church, allowing to interact with the lively social life of this famous square of Trancoso and also enjoy a magnificent sea view…

600 m2 4 Beds 4 Baths


Rent, Sale

Novogratz House

Altos do Segredo

House located in the Altos do Segredo in Trancoso, close to the Nativos bech and the Rio da Barra Beach, with many wooden elements, a spacious social area and a beautiful view of the sea that…

2,549 m2 5 Beds 6 Baths


Rent, Sale

House Tiba


House located in a dead-end street of the historic center, right next to the “Quadrado” and close to the Coqueiros Beach. This home has many indoor and outdoor spaces interacting with much originality and was defined…

847 m2 4 Beds 5 Baths



House Andrea Hirsch

Altos do Segredo

House located in the Altos do Segredo in Trancoso, close to the Nativos Beach and the Rio da Barra Beach, overlooking the sea, surrounded by a garden and a charming decor that gives it a cozy…

n/a 4 Beds 5 Baths



Casa das Artes no Quadrado


Located in front of the Church of São João Baptista and overlooking the Quadrado, Elle magazine describes this house as Tropicália Technicolor by the profusion of sunlight, vibrant colors and natural and organic forms that give…

n/a 2 Beds 2 Baths
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